Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dabbling with Brand Journalism

Who would have thought that oneday, brands would don the garb of journalism and create conversations that stir culture...

Yes, Brand Journalism is here to stay. Loosely defined, it is the content and context, the conversations and "reportings", news and views, panels and images that  is not paid for advertisements and billboards.
A pull rather than push.
Talk "with" and talk "about" rather than talk "down"
Create content that people want to spend time with
That becomes social conversation currency.

Like today's journalism has taken on new shapes and curves, brands also stand the danger  of falling into the "Breaking News" rote.
Everytime there is a reprint of a pack, it cannot be treated as a breaking news. Turns off people.
Sensations are an effect and not a cause.

I was reading a blog by a very senior  person heading Brand Journalism in a global agency, that the three key things that make for good journalism are  being genuine,   speed and quick to respond. Holds  true for Brand Journalism as well.

Maybe we can put down some  basic of being a good journo...
a) Brand  content on what interests, rather pulsates the audience
b) Refrain from the temptation of passing on just about anything as "newsworthy".
c) Create engagement
d) Keep Talking...join conversations
e) Talk Headlines.
f) Be authentic. And as unbiased as possible.
g) The Power of Words
h) Do NOT see this an an extension of advertising or PR
i)Create debates
h)Do consumer interviews.
i) Employ a journalist on your rolls.
j)Be as factual as possible
k) Think Publishing, not Marketing

Finally, whatever be the brand, to be a good journalist, one needs that winning stroke.
A compelling story.

Watch out for more on this topic as I delve deeper into what could be the most powerful way of brand conversations...