Friday, November 26, 2010

The Welcome Guest

Was doing some thinking on globalisation of brands and communication. Read quite a few articles,  mused over paradoxes, right from  the late Theodore Levitt's book excerpts to No Logos by Naomi Klein.

I guess as a marketer and brand stakeholder, one of the best ways to understand how to make our brand a "welcome guest" and then gradually " a part of the family" is from real life itself.

Remember  Shahrukh in Dilwale Dulhaniya? Yes he was an NRI but the lesson lies in the way he befriended the Punjabi household and slowly inched his way into their home and heart.

The first lesson which we all follow as guests.
Do not force yourself onto the hosts. Try and understand their way of living, their habits, their behaviour.
Lesson  Two. Appreciate. Their customs, their hospitality, their family members.
Three. Celebrate. With them. Small and big moments.
Four. Try and make a difference to their lives. Small or not so small.  Make their lives a little better.
Five.  Avoid conflicts. But try and resolve conflicts that you see arising in the family.
Six. Do not demand time. But behave in a way that the family loves spending time with you.

And one fine day, the family realises that life has changed with you in the family. You have helped bring smiles, you have made life better.

That is the day you move from being a "guest" to "part of family".

Pretty much the same for brands, isn't it?

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