Monday, September 26, 2011

Sameness in IMC

Life and Brands are not mutually exclusive.
In fact, Life has a  storehouse of experiences and stories that brands can wean and glean from.

Am doing some research on Integrated Marketing Communication ( IMC) . The bog question that often arises in IMC is one message and how we can leverage that across channels for synergies. yes there can be some "tweakings" but the master communication idea ( read Television commercial in India) remains the big oak tree with all the other channels like digital, OOH branching out roots from this tree.

Looked at myself as a brand.
I am same yet not same all the time.
When I am at work, my get up, the way I walk and talk is different from my  weekends out with friends which is different from the annual visits home to my grandmother's, which si different when I am in my daughter's school and so on.
When I say different, it's not just the clothes- though nowadays we do have the ubiquitous kurtis that is the great leveller.
It's the way I interface and interact that is different for  different relationships.
I do that because I know that the best conversations happen when I have the other side in mind as well.
When I see, listen, observe rather than have a monologue.

Does this make me a different person for different interactions?
No. It actually enhances the "sameness".
The threads that make me who I am.

 That's the power of IMC.
Where we can make the sameness come alive in DIFFERENT ways.

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